Thursday, May 11, 2017

Don't forget to enjoy the ride...

"I'll be happy when I lose 20 pounds." "I'm going to sign up for a race when I lose this weight." "By the end of the year, I want to lose 50 pounds." "Life will be so much better as soon as I get to my goal weight."

Does that sound like you? I know it sounds like me.

With my weight loss, undoubtedly has come many great things. My quality of life has improved; I have more energy; I sleep better; I have found a love of all things health related; I enjoy cooking and eating healthy.

But, despite the feat I have accomplished, I still want more: I'm not at my "goal weight." I realize now that that number, that elusive number, may never happen. I know I need to be okay with that, but I'm not.  Having never hit that number, I feel like I've failed. I know that sounds crazy, but I do.

One thing I've found to be really helpful is to celebrate one #nsv (non-scale victory) every week. I try to find something not related to my weight or the scale to be proud of. It might be burning more calories during Fit Camp, upping my max weight doing a lift, or hitting my macros perfectly, I try to put my focus on how I'm feeling, fueling my body appropriately, and not on my body's relation to gravity. It's hard. Really hard. And something I will most likely need to continue to work on every day.

Whether it's hitting your step goal everyday, drinking more water, fitting into a smaller size clothing, finally starting that couch to 5k app, eating more vegetables, or prepping a meal, be sure to celebrate those victories along the way. Yes, it's exciting to see those scale numbers go down; but, its just as important to celebrate the other victories that are helping you live a full and complete healthy life.

Your life is happening now. Right this moment. Don't forget to enjoy and appreciate where ever you may be on your journey.

On to meal prep:

I absolutely, love a salad (especially eating it out of large mixing bowl), and love all the fresh produce in the spring and summer. However, I find that during winter, I do a lot better with a hot lunch. Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, I'm excited to start switching it up and adding salads and some other lighter options back in the rotation. 

This week I'm doing Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps. They're similar to what you might find at PF Changs. Super easy, super tasty and the perfect lunch.

Brown a pound of ground turkey (or chicken) in a pan with sesame oil and onion.

I added some green, red, yellow and orange bell peppers.

I seasoned with the following: Liquid Aminos, Rice Vinegar, Ginger, Garlic, Sriracha, and Hoisen Sauce. Go easy on the hoisen, there is a lot of sugar in it. I used about a tablespoon.

I added Water Chestnuts at the end, and let simmer.

I'm pairing the wraps with Pasta Zero Shirataki Noodles and Green Beans.

Romaine lettuce leaves for wraps.

Recipe adapted from:

Remember, you are allowed to be a work in progress and a masterpiece simultaneously. Share your #nsv this week below!


  1. "You are allowed to be a work in progress and a masterpiece simultaneously" will stick with me for a long time.

    My #nsv for this week is not completely scrapping the week's meal plan just because I had a few crappy days at the beginning of the week. I stuck with my prepped breakfasts and lunches, only switched out one dinner, and will finish the week strong.

  2. I have similar struggles - I've been working on my general fitness, not so much weight loss but rather muscle definition. It gets discouraging when my goal body doesn't match up with what I currently see in the mirror, but I have to remember to celebrate the small gains as well as the longer term ones.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I've recently started on a journey to better health. Reading this really helps.

  4. This looks delicious! Also, what a great post and an awesome reminder to appreciate and enjoy the process!

  5. What an awesome idea to start celebrating non-scale victories! I think that's so important to be proud of yourself for trying. It sounds like you're doing awesome and are super dedicated. Keep up the great work!


  6. I totally agree with you about focusing on NSVs! And I love how you pointed out the reality of exactly what our weight is: just our body's relation to gravity! Weight is just one tiny piece of a huge overall picture of health, and by no means the most important thing. Thank you for spreading this awesome message that so many of us need to remember!

  7. I had to learn this! Now I try to Just Do It and not overthink things too much where I talk myself out of things.

  8. Looks good. I may have to give it a try. I too am trying to get more exercise. You really have to be deliberate about it, but it is well worth the effort:-)