Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Quick and Easy Primavera

Greetings, friends!

I hope you all enjoyed the long Memorial Day Weekend. I know I did! I spent some time at the beach, and definitely indulged in some of my favorite treats-including pizza.

I wanted to get right back on track today with some good meals, made with lots of veggies and protein. I also wanted something relatively quick and easy, because I did not want to spend my whole day off in the kitchen. I found this recipe for a Healthy Pasta Primavera and wanted to try it, with my spin on it, of course.

Recipe adapted from:

Your must haves for this include a protein (I chose chicken, but shrimp or beef would be great, too!) and a spaghetti squash. You could also choose to make this as a vegetarian dish and leave out the meat.

After that, it's up to you to chose and include any veggies you want. I did broccoli, spinach, asparagus, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, zucchini and onion. I wish I would have had some green pepper, or even some fire roasted red peppers, because I would have used those, too. Definitely next time.

The night before I made this, I marinated my chicken in a bottle of greek dressing and let it sit overnight. I also precooked my spaghetti squash so it would be ready to go the next day.

Am I the only one who doesn't cut the squash before they cook it? I just stab it with a fork all over (so it doesn't explode) and throw it in the oven for about an hour, or until I can easily stab a fork through it. I've seen and read so many horror stories of people who have cut themselves trying to cut open a squash to roast it. No, thanks. I always just throw it in the oven whole and I haven't had any issues.

I sauteed the onion, spinach and broccoli in a pan with some garlic and olive oil. I used frozen chopped spinach and broccoli.

 While that was cooking, I (safely) cut open my spaghetti squash, cleaned the yucky parts and seeds out, and shredded it.
I also cut up the asparagus and grape tomatoes. That asparagus is from Wal*Mart, and I am highly impressed. It was huge! I've been utilizing the free Wal*Mart grocery pickup and I've been super impressed by the produce they have picked out. 

Once the spinach and broccoli were defrosted and cooked through, I added the asparagus and grape and sundried tomato. I mistakenly had picked up the smoked sundried tomatoes, but I think they added a nice flavor to this, so I was glad I had those.

This was also the time I started rooting around in the fridge to see what else I could throw into this concoction.

Found some turkey pepperoni. Added that.
 Once the asparagus was soft and cooked through, I added the spaghetti squash to the pan. I totally underestimated how much this was going to make and what size pan I needed. Oops.

Once the spaghetti squash cooked down a bit, I added the mushrooms and zucchini. They don't need long to cook, and I didn't want it to get too liquidy.

I wasn't sure how to season this, so I just threw a bunch of different ones in, including oregano, garlic, pepper, a little basil and some red pepper flakes. Yum.

I let it sit and simmer and soak up its flavor for a bit while I cooked the chicken separately in another skillet.

Once the chicken was finished, I put it all together. Viola!

I had planned to have this as a dinner this week, since I have a few late nights with meetings and teaching and wanted something quick. This ended up making 5 portions! So, I have dinner for both of us for one night, and Steve will have 3 lunches.

I'm going to throw some feta on this when I eat it this week. Goat cheese would also be good, too.

This is a great "kitchen sink" recipe. Take whatever vegetables you have on hand, and throw them in. Or, turkey pepperoni, in my case. :)

Each serving came out to 226 cal/34gCarb/2gFat/14gProtein/10G Fiber without the chicken.

Enjoy! And let me know how you like it!


  1. Definitely going to have to try this! Also, you are genius with throwing the spaghetti squash in the oven whole! You should see me trying to cut those things open (it sometimes includes jumping up and down to help with the momentum lol). I've always wondered how they do with precooking. They take so long to cook! Do you cook them the night before and then use the next day?

    1. I always cook it the day before I'm going to use it! That gives it plenty of time to cool down so I can cut and scoop safely the next day. Aint nobody got time to let that mess cook for an hour before you even get to the recipe you're going to use it for!