Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sassy does Chicago (and tips for travel)

Happy Hump Day!

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Chicago, and I'm so excited! My colleague and dear friend, Apryl, and I are attending the American Library Association (ALA) conference. There are so many great sessions we are planning on attending, and some fun things in Chicago we have planned, and of course, pizza!

Also, Sarah Jessica Parker is going to be there speaking about a new book club initiative ALA is doing. Would my Carrie-inspired skirt be too much to wear to that session?

We'll be gone for six days, then I'm home for 3, and gone again, traveling to NY for my sweet niece and nephew's baptisms. I haven't been home for the 4th of July in I don't know how long, and I'm looking forward to fireworks on the pier. We're also planning on taking the babies to the zoo, and a few other things (like Sullivan's curly fries and ice cream!). It will be nice to enjoy some summer days in NY, where it isn't as stifling hot outside as it is North Carolina.

I thought I'd do a quick post before I'm gone for a bit on my tips for traveling. It is obviously a lot more difficult to "stay on track" while traveling; however, here's my plan:

1. Eat a solid breakfast. This is one of my tips in general, as I discussed in an earlier post. I'm going to shoot for a high-protein, low carb breakfast. There will be an amount of pizza and other treats consumed, so having a solid breakfast will still ensure that I'm fueling my body with some of what it needs. This will be especially important in Chicago, as we plan to do a lot of walking. We're also going to be spending hours, in some cases, at the conference, sitting in sessions, so I'll want to make sure I eat something good that sticks with me.

2. Drink water. Don't use traveling as an excuse to slack on your water intake. I already have my water bottle packed. I feel better all around when I'm getting in my water, so this will be especially important since my nutrition and sleep are not going to be as solid as they usually are.

3. Don't drink your calories. This goes along with #2. I'm going to be eating enough; I don't need to waste empty calories on beverages.

4. Get in veggies when you can. Our plan is to check out Snap Kitchen and Protein Bar  for breakfasts and lunches, which are both super close to our hotel. They both have really great healthy(ier) options for breakfast and lunch, which all look so good!

5. Pack snacks. I have protein powder, tuna packets, cheese crisps, and nuts already packed and ready to go, and of course Spark. These travel well and will keep me out of the shops at the airports (where everything is ridiculously expensive, anyway) and will be great to tuck away in my bag while at the conference.

6. Get a bit of exercise in when you can. We will be walking quite a bit in Chicago, and our days are pretty jam packed, so I probably won't be making any gym trips; however, when we go home to NY, I can certainly get a few runs, at the very least. The last time I was home in March, I bought a guest pass for the week at the gym, and I may consider doing that again.

7. Embrace Grace.  Don't miss out on 95% of your life, to weigh 5% less. Realize it's a vacation, but not a free-for-all. Enjoy yourself, but don't go overboard.

8. Stay off the scale when you get back. Don't feel guilty about enjoying yourself because the scale is up a few pounds. Most of it will be water, and will come off pretty quickly once I"m back in a routine. I've also already ordered a cleanse so that I can hit the reset button as soon as I get back.

This week will also end my adventure into strict keto. There are certain aspects of it I have enjoyed (more cheese, please!), but I don't love the amount of water I'm retaining, the number on the scale, or the fact that my muscle definition has decreased. However, I have discovered that I do have a gluten intolerance, so this will certainly change the way I incorporate carbs back into my diet. I also can't do sugar alcohols, so a lot of the "keto friendly" treats are off limits to me. I preach moderation and this has me feeling a bit restricted.

I will be mostly doing what is known as Targeted Keto  and consuming my starchy carbs around my workouts. I am going to lower my fats (sad face) and up my protein, too. I'd really like to get to a point where I don't have to track everything I'm eating, but we aren't quite there yet.

Tell me, what are your tips for staying on track while traveling? And, who has been to Chicago? What are my must dos?

See you in a few weeks, friends!

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  1. So I was doing low carb/keto for a while and I really loved the flexibility of it and the results I saw but agree with you on the loss of muscle mass. I looked into some things and found a supplement you can take that is supposed to help with that (I even found research on it in a medical article). It's called HMB and you can get it at GNC or Amazon. Some supplements have it mixed in with other amino acids to help you recover after workouts. Hope this helps! And safe travels!! :)